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In a video taken by Hayley the huge colony of bees can be seen swarming close to the family's home and covering the garden, leaving it inaccesible.
A number of compounds have been proposed as additives to solid media to prevent the swarming of P.
"Over the last few days thousands of bees have gathered in the branches of the tree, with many others swarming outside nearby houses." But Birmingham City Council said the bees were not part of the hive.
Mr Peterson said association members were called out two or three times a year to tackle swarming.
Swarm drones could easily take on the appearance of the U.S Navy's Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarming Technology (LOCUST), (3) an inexpensive, fixed-wing platform that is individually tube-launched and autonomously joins a swarm once airborne.
He said HDBKA members had been trained to safely collect and re-home swarming bees.
Swarming is initiated when the queen bee leaves the original hive with the rest of the colony following her movements.
"This will give the helicopters a potent capability against swarming fast inshore attack craft," wrote Jane S, a defense trade publication.
Honeybee colonies reproduce by swarming. When a colony runs out of room in its hive, it will split in two, each with its own queen.
Residents will face seasons of high termite activity and swarming. The beginning of termite swarming season is typically the spring for Florida due to high humidity and heat.
The Kilobots' swarming ability can be compared with that of starlings flocking together in cloud-like "murmurations" or ants creating rafts and bridges with their bodies.
Experts said it was now the height of "swarming season" - at when beehives become too crowded and the insects need to look for a new home.