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Scotland had to beat Argentina to have any chance of getting out of the groups, and at 3-0 up it was all going swarmingly.
Timofey was now exquisitely aware of the ethereal solution that washed over him every day like a warm bath: the insidiously subatomic, the swarmingly microscopic, the multi-syllabically chemical.
The heat of the subcontinent, trees, gardens, villas with their barely recognizable personae; the gestures, obsessions, and emotions that flicker across the mind's screen and amplify these spectral figures; names, places, and dates that float up from the past; the endless violences of oppression and war; the sweep of mortal mores and something beyond temporality that clings to Etienne's pages--these are some of the centers around which Katana orbits swarmingly, constantly multiplying and starkly fleshing out its discreetly registered minima.