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That in the design studio and workshop inside, craftsmen fuel modern-day romantics' images of a time when knights were gallant and their ladies fair, there were enemies to slay and tankards to empty, and the landscape was enlivened by swashbucklers, highwaymen and noblemen.
To help participants "get their pirate on," the Swashbuckler School focuses on swordplay and stage combat techniques.
Oliver Cromwell lived there and a thousand years ago it was the swampy fastness of a swashbuckler very much in the Cecil mould as it was the lair and refuge of Hereward The Wake, popular hero of his time and thorn in many a Norman side.
It was a swashbuckler film based on the Zorro character.
Summary: Karachi: Wily Pakistan off spinner Saeed Ajmal vowed yesterday to target West Indian swashbuckler Chris .
Manhas feels the nature of the wicket and the soreness in his back were two reasons that brought out the swashbuckler in him.
The seven-month-old swashbuckler was with mum Vicky at the event held close to Middlesbrough's Woodlands Road.
Among her topics are images of the Orient/Japan in Spanish American literature from the Modernistas and beyond, a Japanese swashbuckler in La casa verde and a Japanese gangster in Travesuras de la niA[+ or -]a mala (both by Nobel-prize-winner Mario Vargas Llosa), a female Nikkei character in a pivotal role in Carmen OllA[c]'s Las dos caras del deseo, and the Japanese experience in Peru as reflected in the poetry of JosA[c] Watanabe.
In which film did Grard Depardieu star as a swashbuckler with a large nose?
20pm Errol Flynn is the definitive Robin Hood, bringing a mix of swagger and heroism to this fantastic swashbuckler.
Any fan of pirate novels will relish this swashbuckler, and any library seeing popularity with pirate literature will want this.
The June 7, 1924 issue featured Michael Campion as the mild-mannered bookkeeper dreaming of adventure, followed a week later by Edward Klaes as the salty swashbuckler dreaming of home.