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When asked about the kind of benefits this kind of an extension would bring along to the Magento store owner and the consumer, the spokesperson for M-Connect Media replied, “The Advanced Color Swatches Extension with Multi Zoom will help in improving the product presentation so that the customer's trust can be gained.
In order to make purchasing the giant swatches even more affordable, MEGA Swatch is currently offering promotional prices for individual swatches directly on the website.
The same hue can appear quite different in two rooms within the same house, so testing with swatches or real paint on the wall is essential.
Each full-size, 8 u-by-11 inch, swatch card can be divided into 14 individual 4 i-by-1 u-inch swatches for simple sharing.
PITTSBURGH, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Paint swatches are no longer just for choosing a paint color.
The team has confirmed that swatches inoculated with the bacteria change to the same shades evident in the masters' discolored paintings.
The Pantone color company does a full-service trend report, as well as this handy smaller version that comes complete with removable Pantone Textile swatches.
Mazzola, who testified earlier this week, was shown failing to change her gloves between handling of samples, placing wet swatches in plastic bags where Gerdes said bacteria could grow and cleaning the tweezers by merely wiping them with clear water.
New products that use globally available dyes on all swatches to ensure accessibility for customers worldwide.
introduces a new fashion design activity, Harumika, which allows girls to create stylish outfits using swatches of signature, ready-to-use fabrics.
There are several different categories to collect, including Art Swatches and Pop Swatches.
Sample charges run from $5 for up to 10 swatches to $2 per swatch and finished products are generally available to the consumer within two weeks.