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Power spectrum for AP sway was obtained with a standard fast Fourier transform procedure.
42] The increased body sway seen after the age of 60 is the consequence of cumulative degenerative changes in the vestibular, proprioceptive, sensory, and musculoskeletal systems.
The increase of body sway in the absence of vision in ballet dancers was previously reported by Bruyneel and associates.
05; SVEO: Sway velocity in standing on firm base, eyes opened; SVEC: Sway velocity in standing on firm base, eyes closed; SVFEO: Sway velocity in standing on foam base, eyes opened; SVFEC: Sway velocity in standing on foam base, eyes closed; SQT: Step and quick turn test.
Body sway in the horizontal plane for conditions 1-10 was elevated in comparison to baseline measurements (x-/y-axis: Figures 1(c), 2(a)-2(c), and Table 3).
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TOM: So if the sway bar itself was intact, and if he still has the part they removed, he can go to another mechanic and ask them to reattach it for him.
Sway area (in millimeters squared) was the area defined by the outermost movements of the COP in the medial-lateral and the anterior-posterior directions for a 60 s segment.
He was an early adopter of the "breakaway" sway pole: a new apparatus designed to increase the danger and shock the crowd.
Twenty-four paired sample t-tests were performed to determine if differences existed between the pre and post measures for each of the six conditions (RMS sway, sway velocity in the A/P and M/L direction) during the SOT.