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Rebecca So founded SWAY to take the guesswork out of deodorant.
Our results indicate generally better reliability of balance measures than landing measures, with sway velocity and relative impulse being the most reliable of the measures investigated for balance and landing respectively.
The results revealed significant interaction between groups and postural tasks, and the body sway parameters of the dancer group were higher than those of the non-dancer group, especially those associated with visual restriction.
However, AS patients had more sway while standing on firm base when compared to the healthy subjects when eyes closed (p=0.03).
Analysis of the sway ratio QH/V as primary endpoint: patients showed a reduced quotient of 0.31 [+ or -] 0.01 in comparison to 0.38 [+ or -] 0.01 in the controls, thus expressing an elevated vertical sway (F = 5.503, p = 0.022).
The most robust, dynamic storytelling tool, Sway is for the cloud-first, mobile-first world that is extremely user-friendly and interactive.
Microsoft has announced Sway last October and has sent out several invites to journalists in November.
The sway bar is a thin metal bar that's attached to the undercarriage by a couple of bushings on top, and then on each end it's attached by links to the wheel's control arms.
Perception of support could then be coupled with exercises that allow for the control of postural sway. We developed an apparatus that relies on the perception of support but allows the patient to encounter and control his or her sway characteristics.
After Selden finished thrilling the audience on the sway pole, he would dismount from it by executing a stunt called a "Slide for Life." This involved a wire that ran from the top of the pole to the ground.