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A lank tentacular appendage gripped the edge of the cylinder, another swayed in the air.
Smoky red flames swayed on high poles, and the fiery blaze flickered over faces, clung to the smooth trunks of palm-trees, kindled bright sparks on the rims of metal dishes standing on fine floor-mats.
But the former US President smiled and swayed during a hymn while holding hands with wife Laura and Mrs Obama.
It is claimed by one of their number that they were swayed into voting against a seemingly innocuous house extension in Kings Norton following an impassioned plea from the woman who lives next door.
Summary: Prime Minsiter David Cameron has said Britain will not be swayed from the mission plan in Afghanistan, despite growing tensions.
Those thinking of the past swayed backward while those thinking about the future moved forward.
Summary: Ambareesh Baliga, Vice-President, Karvy Stock Broking, talks about how investors should not be swayed by market movements and have clear objectives.
Researchers found that a person judged to be female was rated more attractive when she swayed her hips as she moved, and had a small waist-to-hip ratio.
But its claims have been dismissed as 'pure fantasy' by a Labour MP and an anti-racism activist said people were too 'level-headed' to be swayed by BNP propaganda.