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Having stated her desire to branch out from urban music to try to integrate dance music, the result is a confusing combination - strong dance tracks such as Commander and Down For Whatever nestle uncomfortably alongside urban swayers such as All Of The Night and Motivation.
Fans were implored to hum and sway for the vast majority of the show to slow swayers, punctuated briefly by brief and out of place up-tempo numbers that left you not knowing quite how to enjoy yourself.
Wernley were 3-1 up at the break after Swayers struck twice while Brookes bagged another.
These quicksilver-tongued, crisis-managing, public opinion swayers are now part of the payroll in dioceses from West to East, from Los Angeles to Long Island, on call in dioceses from Florida (Tampa) to Massachusetts (Boston), in service to Philadelphia and Santa Rosa, Calif.
All alike are fanatical swayers of the rabble, seditious and violent.