swear off

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This couple was enough to make anyone swear off booze forever.
In a rather sweet news release issued last January, the National Organization for Women called on the nation's male public officials to swear off the sexual spoils system.
if I ever really deserve to I swear I'll swear off all desserts, just or unjust, or mostly.
He was required either to give evidence or to swear off to the effect that he did not know or was not present or to pay a thousand drachmas.
I only ask that he swear off windmills--also theoretical accounts of erotic dynamics--and stick to the art, the artists, the sonnets, the actions, the hard places and the rocks: Come back to the five and dime, Dave Hickey!
Jesse Helms, for example, might swear off tobacco companies rather than 'cigarettes.
You don't need to swear off all men, you just need to develop a better screening process.
Could you both swear off men for a while to help her get her confidence back?
She's decided to swear off men for the next 10 years in order to concentrate on her career.