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Swearer goes on to note that Payutto "finds within the Buddhist worldview of mutual cooperation an alternative to Western dualism and materialism, which he holds responsible for many forms of global exploitation" (36-37).
Self-report questionnaires have been the most used and preferred method of investigating peer abuse (Espelage & Swearer, 2003; Warden, Cheyne, Christie, Fitzpatrick, & Reid, 2003).
For example, some have hypothesized that perpetration either is reinforced as a function of passivity or concession by the victim (Doll & Swearer, 2006) or serves as a learned behavior that functions as a mechanism to reduce exposure to victimization (Rose et al.
Swearer has created since 1983 as part of what he called "a lifetime investigation of human nature.
Swearer, Espelage, and Napolitano organize the book into nine chapters, highlighting bullying patterns among different age groups, the social and ecological nature of bullying, concrete steps for the development and implementation of school antibullying policies, understanding legal issues for school employees, the impact of technology on bullying, using the resources schools already have on hand as well as other practical strategies, and a step-by-step process for evaluating antibullying efforts in schools.
This even applies to "poor" people, who have met a minimum economic wellbeing: Sizemore and Swearer argue that Buddhism is mainly concerned with the human response to material scarcity and that therefore poverty in Buddhism is a problem of improper desire or attitudes (2).
Ostrea lurida larvae are believed to spend from 2 (Couch & Hassler 1989) to 8 wks (Breese 1953) in the plankton, providing adequate time for exchange among locations within estuaries, and perhaps even among distantly placed estuaries, though several studies have shown evidence for self-recruitment in species whose planktonic larval duration provides the potential to disperse widely (see Swearer et al.
subversive liberal universalism, Donald Swearer similarly presents Thai
Indeed, the conference included keynote addresses by retired or nearly retired scholars like Donald Swearer, Piriya Krairiskh, Charles Keyes, and Charnvit Kasetsiri, and included panels in honor of the careers of Andrew Turton, Stanley Tambiah, and Craig Reynolds himself.
Carney, 2000; National School Safety Center, 1995; Olweus, 1997; Swearer, Song, Cary, Eagle, & Mickelson, 2001; Vossekuil et al.
This finding is unlike that of previous research which has usually found that boys bullied physically more than did girls in high school and elementary school, and that girls bullied socially more than did boys in high school and elementary school (Espelage & Swearer, 2003; Smith et al.
The caterer, one of 10 cooks in the new series of the reality TV show, says viewers should get ready for four-letter tirades to put Ramsay, a notorious swearer, to shame.