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Swearing is the use of utterances containing taboo words.
Stephens to further investigate whether the power of swearing could be emulated by a new 'socially acceptable' swear word.
One of the police officers who asked not to be named fearing he may be fired said the main imam of the district was present at the swearing ceremony.
I am not interested in the swearing of oaths,' he said.
Swearing is, after all, one of humanity's more fascinating habits.
Those policemen who continue to defy him should be subjected to 25 minutes of the President's vilest swearing.
People do it in courts every day, swearing before giving testimony.
"We wish to inform all of our customers that we have introduced a zero tolerance policy against swearing in all of our pubs.
We may have been taught to keep swearing to a minimum, as it's seen as rude and vulgar, new research suggests that in certain situations, swearing may be advantageous.
Swearing may help a cyclist struggling up hill to summon up extra pedal power, new research suggests.
The study followed up earlier work that showed how swearing increases pain tolerance, helping explain the common reaction to hitting one's thumb with a hammer.
MUSCLE strength and stamina can be boosted by swearing, a study has found.