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Before the year ends, we wish to soft launch Sweep Card payments at the SLEX cash lanes.
The Complete Sweep delivers the full range of traditional sweep services, along with nest and blockage removal, refitting of chimney pots and gas terminals, and the supply and fit of cages, caps and cowls.
The sweep must comply with the applicable NFPA 211 Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances.
Ideally, cleaning is done regularly enough that a worker can easily sweep the chimney--hence the occupation's title--before the soot becomes glossy and combustible.
The story behind this is that, hundreds of years ago, the king's carriage was saved by a sweep when its horses ran out of control.
This asymmetric generation of heat from sweeping will occur regardless of sweep length.
CHIMNEY sweeps are teaming up with North Wales firefighters in the latest campaign to reduce house blazes this winter.
After completing a job, the chimney sweep issues a safety certificate and recommends a date for re-sweeping.
For example, a B-knight sweep is BAT-BEN-BOW-BUS-RIB.
But she soon found she was in such demand that she had to hire a manager to run the farm while she diversified into becoming a full-time chimney sweep.
Sweep is characterized as uniform curvature along the entire length of a log.