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A chimney professional normally provides sweeping that includes a very limited inspection of the chimney system's visible parts, known as a Level I inspection.
After sweeping all the streets in the Thursday route, he said, crews will move on to the Monday trash collection route, followed by the Tuesday, Friday and Wednesday trash collection areas.
Furthermore, sweeping requires little training or money for startup, so entering the occupation is easy.
Sweeping faster (greater brush head velocity) will also increase the heat generated causing a corresponding reduction in stone-ice friction.
Outcome measures included mode of birth (vaginal or cesarean), induction-to-birth time, Cervadil[R] dose, any pitocin use and duration of pitocin use in labor, visual score for pain associated with sweeping, and visual score for satisfaction with the birth process.
Until they got caught, the Roman Catholic Church was so busy sweeping those guys under the rug that they ran out of rugs.
The unit consists of snow plough, sweeping gear and blower system.
Samples are being taken before and after sweeping and the data recorded and analyzed.
Thus, this again is consistent with the general rule that more correct data are obtained by sweeping from higher [I.
Coaches who teach a speed technique should make the athlete understand the need for an aggressive start and an aggressive sweeping right leg.