sweeping change

See: revolution
References in classic literature ?
Then the sweeping changes which followed the Norman Conquest wiped out all lesser records than its own.
Several sweeping changes may be expected in the near future, now that there is team-play between the Bell System and the Western Union.
The biggest organizational change in the history of Military Traffic Management Command has produced a sweeping change in the work and mission of MTMC Fort Eustis.
The sweeping change in business tactics was accompanied by a sweeping change in attitude," he says.
The TRA's most sweeping change was to repeal a noncorporate taxpayer's personal interest deduction.
The plan calls for every American, including the estimated 37 million uninsured, to carry a "Health Security Card" (meant to conjure up visions of Social Security, the last sweeping change of national policy) guaranteeing basic medical coverage.
A more sweeping change to Medicaid and Medicare was proposed by Senate Republicans as part of their alternative to the Clinton Administration's budget proposals.
From the start, Williams made it clear that he has no intention of rushing sweeping change into the department.