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It promotes clean surroundings, advocates making toilets and argues against open defecation sweepingly.
It was far from the first time Cruz has talked sweepingly of a state's outsized impact on the nominating process - and it probably will not be the last.
The point is that unless you know the local nuances in terms of what works, what doesn't work, what the clients think, it makes no sense to put together a plan just to say sweepingly that I will change things.
Total buy-out clauses, in which publishers purchase sweepingly comprehensive rights to a work -- even in forms that may not have even been invented yet -, were also a point of contention.
cannot sweepingly claim that they had regularly performed their duties because had they done so, they would not have given in to the demands of a private contractor," anti-graft investigators said.
Egypt was sweepingly over-run by the fundamentalists, Libya is smashed down to the ground, Tunisia was totally swallowed before it started recovering, and the entire North Africa is in the state of decapacitation and pandimonium.
Former CIA analyst and noted counterterrorism expert Bruce Riedel brought great cheers to hard-liners in India by sweepingly blaming the Pakistani spy agency ISI for the recent terror attack on a strategic Indian Air Force base, close to the Indo-Pakistan frontier in Punjab.
No president since has used his power so sweepingly.
The Wind Band's Verdi was moving while the John Williams Movie Adventures was sweepingly majestic.
Based on ABA President Bill Holmes sweepingly inaccurate characterizations about credit unions, one can only assume that Mr.
Perhaps he comes too quickly and sweepingly to a conclusion about Jefferson, who, after all, was also the one who said that no nation ever was, or could be, governed without religion.
His sweepingly emotive main score and Celtic melodies from the first picture return here, and they give this film remarkable emotional heft.