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To avoid transforming a perceived sweepstakes into a contest, credit unions should not include elements of skill in a sweepstakes.
Sweepstakes is just a continuation of the myriad of sweepstakes opportunities which in the past have included a Smart Car, a Spa Getaway sweepstakes, Football's Big Game sweepstakes and the Adult Working Scholarship, among others.
In the girls individual sweepstakes, sophomore Shannon Murakami of Saugus made a late push to finish fourth, in 17:38.
Teaming the thrills of NASCAR and Thoroughbred racing in this sweepstakes has created one of the greatest prize packages in the entire world of sports.
Schedule: The nation's largest high school meet will be highlighted by the Division III, IV and V sweepstakes races today and the Division I and II individual and team sweepstakes on Saturday.
In addition to the grand prize, the sweepstakes will have daily drawings for $1,000 prizes through March 1, 2007.
The boys' team sweepstakes on Saturday feature a matchup between Long Beach Poly and Canyon, the state's top teams in Division I and II, respectively.
Our hope is that our sweepstakes winners will walk away looking and feeling like stars
Canyon finished second to the Jackrabbits, the state Division I title favorite, with a team time just five seconds shy of Poly in the sweepstakes competition in the Woodbridge Invitational on Sept.
In addition, there will be over 300 racing-themed prizes awarded to consumers throughout the duration of the sweepstakes.
Each year, USPE sends out tens of millions of pieces of direct mail nationwide that contain a sweepstakes entry form and sales offers for household and personal products, Lockyer said.
com, India's fastest-growing search engine and social networking site, is now offering a free entry to a $5 million dollar (USD) sweepstakes to new registrants to any of its properties.