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Promotional sweeps, games and contests are now core to the marketing mix and are increasingly being utilized by companies to drive traffic to their Web sites and build their brands," said Barbara Laughton, President of US Sweepstakes.
To avoid transforming a perceived sweepstakes into a contest, credit unions should not include elements of skill in a sweepstakes.
Sweepstakes is just a continuation of the myriad of sweepstakes opportunities which in the past have included a Smart Car, a Spa Getaway sweepstakes, Football's Big Game sweepstakes and the Adult Working Scholarship, among others.
With the help of the companies' marketing partners, the sweepstakes prizes are funded directly by Sweepstakes.
In the girls individual sweepstakes, sophomore Shannon Murakami of Saugus made a late push to finish fourth, in 17:38.
Teaming the thrills of NASCAR and Thoroughbred racing in this sweepstakes has created one of the greatest prize packages in the entire world of sports.
Schedule: The nation's largest high school meet will be highlighted by the Division III, IV and V sweepstakes races today and the Division I and II individual and team sweepstakes on Saturday.
In each case, swindlers tried to bilk victims out of money by claiming they had won the Reader's Digest Sweepstakes, then said winnings could not be released until cash or certified checks were sent by overnight courier or wire services to cover taxes, shipping and handling charges.
The boys' team sweepstakes on Saturday feature a matchup between Long Beach Poly and Canyon, the state's top teams in Division I and II, respectively.
The cost of Sweepstakes prizes will be recovered if as few as 15% of SECU members sign up for E-statements.
2 team, in the boys' team sweepstakes race at the Mt.
to underwrite its 5 million dollar (USD) sweepstakes aimed at getting new registrants to ByIndia.