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(Did I mention it was dark?) Anyway, with flashlights and thumbs (thumbs are the only reason why we were loading them and not the other way around), Columbus finally decided the enticement of sweet feed was sufficient and stepped onto the trailer.
Perhaps those same guardian angels are seeing to it that the horses have warm straw to sleep in and plenty of oats and sweet feed to eat.
You can also sprinkle some of the milk on a small pan of sweet feed to get them started licking at it and eventually eating it at just one week old.
But those jeers turned to cheers when got the job done at 1:59 of the third, netting the game-winner off a sweet feed from Vladimir Sobotka to finish off an odd-man rush.
He then gave all his pedigrees a last bucket of sweet feed saying: "Aye they think it's a grand day for 'em now."
The calves were being fed sweet feed, milk replacer, and hay on the farm.