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Those who grow sweet peas for exhibition go to infinite lengths to make sure their stems are the longest and their flowers the biggest and best.
Add sweet peas, and bring mixture back to a boil, and cook, stirring for 3 minutes.
The silver bowl decorated with a sweet pea design, won jointly by Squire, Philip Yorke II and Erdigg''s Head gardener, which inspired Rauni Higson
Sweet peas are becoming more and more popular as blooms take on new colours, forms and significance.
Holding the National Sweet Pea Show here would really put it on the map and give real history and meaning to growing and exhibiting sweet peas.
Sadly Margaret's husband Frank, who cultivated both varieties, died in January just as his sweet pea seeds, which are simply called "Margaret", were being grown in New Zealand.
In England in 1900, the Spencer family's gardener, Silas Cole, discovered a large-flowered sweet pea with wavy petals, which he named 'Countess Spencer'.
Incidentally, Gwendoline collected the only award in the 1998 trials conducted by the RHS and the National Sweet Pea Society.
You can still get Cupani seed, which is thought to be the most primitive form of sweet pea - a purple standard, the upright petal and blue wings.
The sweet pea plants have been winter sown to ensure you receive strong and robust plants that will bloom earlier and in greater numbers than those sown in the spring.