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So the students began collecting and all agree it has been a sweet-smelling success.
Cheap treat I'M hooked on Radox Shower Smoothies - they're thick, creamy and unbelievably sweet-smelling.
Visit your local florist this week and choose from sweet-smelling stock, large-headed blousy hydrangea, delicately-scented sweet peas and old-style, large-headed rose varieties such as Old Dutch, Amnesia, Sweet Avalanche and Memory Lane.
Babies' skin is five times thinner than adults and absorbs up to 60% of ingredients in hair and skin products but this organic baby range includes sweet-smelling shampoos, body washes and body moisturisers in three blends of organic essential oils.
Flowers, perfumes, and chocolates--people have long used these sweet-smelling objects to attract a mate each Valentine's Day.
Combine dwarf lavender and pinks or plant sweet-smelling purple petunias with heliotropes, which smell of cherry pie.
Then he learns how to make polish and sweet-smelling hand cream from beeswax.
Morning Star, Rose blossoming in springtime, Immaculate Lily, tall and graceful Iris, sweet-smelling Violet.
We can't get enough of the new sweet-smelling Love Is: line.
COLOURFUL and sweet-smelling bouquets and flower baskets greeted visitors to a village church near Warwick.