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She was a real visitor to Israel, a sweet-tempered, innocent young woman, and she had strawberry-blond hair, at least before she was rendered into pulp by an Israeli D-9 armored bulldozer, diverted momentarily in its work of smashing Arab homes.
It stands to reason that there must be hundreds of gorgeous sweet-tempered and generally nice black women living in Britain.
With any luck, by the time you read this, Henrietta, my 9-year-old and usually sweet-tempered feline, will have stopped hissing and glaring at the 8-month-old, inquisitive, high-octane male cat that joined our household during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Like Dewey, Ricoeur was a sweet-tempered and optimistic thinker who wrote important and original works well into his eighties.
Dawn French plays a sweet-tempered member of the Women's Guild who suffers from a personality disorder and emerges as her aggressive alter ego Margaret every so often.
They are often only slightly larger than the Dexter--a perfect size for the small family farm--and are sweet-tempered.
What is remarkable during both the highs and the lows is that Braddock, as Crowe plays him, remains levelheaded, sweet-tempered and concerned about his family above all.
And while he wouldn't go as far as saying the foul-mouthed chef was sweet-tempered, he loved working with him.
He is three, and from being a gorgeous, sweet-tempered baby, he has changed into someone who is demanding, out of control at times and extremely bad-tempered.
All the people who worked in the hotel where I stayed were Tibetan exiles, including the owners, a sweet-tempered couple in their mid-50s.
Paul Bradley, who played the sweet-tempered Joey in Don Shebib's seminal road movie Goin' down the Road, died of heart failure in Victoria, British Columbia.