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The flowers, as if they knew their part, unfolded their bright leaves, and poured forth their sweetest perfume, as, kneeling at the throne, the brave little Fairy said,--
To celebrate the delectable pairing, TCBY will host an online contest to find America's sweetest couple.
With the introduction of a new online marketing campaign, The Sweetest Parties, a locally owned event coordinator team, is making it easier for residents and businesses throughout the area to access the company's newly expanded Web site where they can choose from a variety of professional party services.
The Sweetest Hallelujah tells of two women in 1950s Mississippi and is set against the backdrop of civil injustice as it tells of a black single mother who finds she is dying, and places a want ad seeking a loving mother for her ten-year-old daughter.
MO Farah hailed his 5,000 metres victory as his sweetest yet as he completed a dream doubledouble at the World Championships.
The sweetest clarinet you're ever likely to hear comes from New York jazzman Ken Peplowski, a veteran of the Benny Goodman orchestra and, happily for us, a frequent visitor to Eugene.
He said: "It wasn't the sweetest shot I've ever hit.
They should go thus: In a golden coach There's a heart of gold Riding through old London Town The sweetest Queen The world's ever seen Wearing a golden crown etc Sonia T Morgan Porthcawl* I DO remember part of the song about the golden coach.
He's always been such a good baby and he's just the sweetest thing.
He said: ''She (Ferguson) is literally one of the sweetest girls you could ever ask to meet in your life.
You had a smile for everyone, and the biggest heart of gold, for me you left the sweetest memories this world could ever hold.
The Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Erotica" is a collection of short fiction focusing on the sexiest undead creature.