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With the oral administration of Bufzone along with intravenous sodium bicarbonate (once), there was gradual change in rumen pH, rumen motility, rumen protozoa motility, rumen liquor color (from milky gray to greenish brown), rumen liquor odour (from sweetish to aromatic), and rumen liquor consistency (from watery to viscous).
White Zinfandel, that slightly pinkish, slightly sweetish, slightly--at least in some quarters--disreputable segment of the wine industry, is about to turn 30.
Cameroon with its chocolate-like aftertaste is ideal with desserts or with sweetish sauces for pork or chicken."
Not very appetising to look at - thin and translucent coleslaw veg and a rather watery consistency with a sweetish taste.
One-year-old balsamic vinegar is still sweetish but with a slight tang of acidity.
Karla Hughes (her sweetish voice tinged with just the right touch of tartness) was a sexed-to-the-gills Zerlina whose hormones had clearly outpaced her street smarts, with Bryan Glenn Davis her believably dim bulb of a Masetto.
Deep-fried spring greens can become the sweetish, crunchy Chinese restaurant favourite "seaweed".
I'd also recommend a glass of sweetish wine to make it go down that much easier!
Maybe that was why he was so composed." Muller-Fritsch "oozes" away, leaving a "sweetish, sweaty odor." The juxtaposition of "sweet" and "sweat" is interesting.
The sweetish, lingering smell of neglected infants was there, and the smell of frightened children who go to school, and the stuffiness of the beds of nubile youths.'(6)
Even the sweetish kinds do not really meet the level of sweetness Filipinos prefer.