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Sweetly Chocolate Protein Shake offers you 22g of protein when mixed with 250 ml of milk, is a healthy source of fibre and is low in fat.
IBT: What was your favorite "Truly, Madly, Sweetly" scene to film?
The show included a second video installation, Notes Towards a Model Opera, 2015, a denser, more abstruse work but one whose deconstruction of political utopianism overlaps with the social ambiguity of More Sweetly Play the Dance.
Heavily backed from an opening show of 5-1 into 7-2 at the off, he was always travelling sweetly under Wayne Lordan before pulling clear to score an impressive three-and-a-half-length success.
and I can't sleep for fear of drowning, no matter how sweetly.
Six minutes worse were to come for Chester, when a ball down the left ended up with Delph, who in turn laid it sweetly into the path of Robert Snodgrass, who swept it into the corner of the net.
I WENT for a walk in the countryside The wind blowing gently on my face Soft as the touch of a butterfly's wing Only God could make such a beautiful place The twilight cast shadows on the river's edge The tall grass bending in the soft breeze There was a sound like softly falling rain As the leaves rustled in the trees The beauty of the wild flowers there As the spiders to their cobwebs cling Out here, where you can still breath fresh air While the birds in the hedgerows sweetly sing The trees along the river's edge In the tranquil waters, reflected Out here in the autumn solitude Where nature is still quietly respected "Long May It Last".
Sweetly organic: Pure Fun Confections, a Toronto-based company, has launched a new line of candies that are certified organic, kosher and vegan, pesticide free and non-GMO.
Mark Duffy sent over a fine cross from the right and Baker volleyed sweetly home from the penalty spot.
(When I inquired about a staffer's rumored move to the Veep's office, a Cheney press officer answered sweetly, "If we have a personnel announcement we'd like you to know about, we'll tell you.")
When that second goal went in the rest of the players were like me, they went mental in front of the Hibs support, milked the applause and smiled ever so sweetly at the Hearts fans!
"Sweetly creepy" may be the best way to describe Tara McPherson's illustrations, posters and paintings.