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In figure 11, compound WFT7 containing potassium based SAP swelled far faster in 3% KCl brine than in 3% [CaCl.sub.2] brine.
The difference between literature values and our study most probably originates from the solvents at which the gels were swelled.
3 : to stretch upward or outward : bulge <The sails swelled in the breeze.>
A TEENAGER, accused of being involved in murdering a man by battering him, told a court his hands swelled easily because of injuries caused by bare-knuckle fighting.
"That's extremely rare on Cortes Bank." Finally, last January 19, the day broke clear and sunny; the ocean swelled with smooth 50-foot waves spawned by stormy waters 2,000 miles to the north.
The throat of one of Kulczycki's patients swelled so badly that she needed emergency treatment, he says.