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The absorption arises from the hydrophilic functional groups in the polymeric substrate, which binds water to the hydrogel for a longer period, as the loosely crosslinked network prevents complete dissolution, but also limits the degree of swelling due to the stretch of the polymer chains between 2 crosslinking points opposing further water absorption [7-9].
"As soon as they put the cream on I just knew something wasn't right, my lips were tingling and felt like they were swelling up straight away.
We, therefore, decided to think about something that can help prevent the bacteria from entering the patient's body to prevent the swelling."
Apply ice for the first 2 or 3 days after the trauma or until swelling disappear, cover some ice cubes with a soft towel then put it over the ankle, let it there for 10- 15 minutes.
"More investigation should be done so as to determine the underlying cause to properly eradicate the swelling," Dr Kimani told Nation.She said the common causes of the condition include lupus, kidney and liver failure, certain medications, and pregnancy related conditions.
Figure 1 shows a schematic presentation of these states, swelling and drying of an FKM seal, as explained above, where X = original state; [X.sub.1] = swelling in a particular fuel in time [t.sub.1] (swollen state); [Y.sub.2] = after drying in time [t.sub.2], does not reach X stage; and Z = ([X.sub.1] - [Y.sub.2]) C, with C a constant.
This paper carried out the swelling test under lateral unconfined condition and analyzed the qualities of lateral unconfined swelling of weak swelling rock by applying a simple self-designed saturated equipment to the swelling test on the platform of the microcomputer controlled rock shear rheological tester RYL-600.
Smartphone batteries shouldn't be swelling, especially when the devices affected are newly bought ones.
Swelling of clays affects the structural stability of the overlying infrastructure; structural problems are often accentuated due to the topographical characteristics of the terrain, which is constituted by inclined slopes, leading to the collapse of structures, as illustrated in Figure 2.
Figure 3 indicates that the swelling capacity of superabsorbent polymer increased with the degree of neutralization in the range from 65% to 70% degree of neutralization and then decreased considerably with further neutralization.