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While we smile at the simplicity of his heart and the narrowness of his views, which made him regard everything out of the direct path of his daily duty, and the rigid exigencies of the service, as trivial and impertinent, which inspired him with contempt for the swelling vanity of some of his coadjutors, and the literary exercises and curious researches of others, we cannot but applaud that strict and conscientious devotion to the interests of his employer, and to what he considered the true objects of the enterprise in which he was engaged.
As well as I could make out, the kneecap seemed turned up on edge in the midst of the swelling.
I was terribly sore, and, worst of all, my wrists were swelling.
The worst of it was that my wrists were swelling and going back on me.
The swelling of the Poonga-Poonga man's shoulder was going down slowly, but Arahu still limped on his thorn-poisoned foot.
Swaying rhythmically with the ambling paces of his good little cob, drinking in the warm yet fresh scent of the snow and the air, as he rode through his forest over the crumbling, wasted snow, still left in parts, and covered with dissolving tracks, he rejoiced over every tree, with the moss reviving on its bark and the buds swelling on its shoots.
O my soul, exuberant and heavy dost thou now stand forth, a vine with swelling udders and full clusters of brown golden grapes:--
And yet this Reginald, whom a very few words from me softened at once into the utmost submission, and rendered more tractable, more attached, more devoted than ever, would have left me in the first angry swelling of his proud heart without deigning to seek an explanation.
Come, bright love of fame, inspire my glowing breast: not thee I will call, who, over swelling tides of blood and tears, dost bear the heroe on to glory, while sighs of millions waft his spreading sails; but thee, fair, gentle maid, whom Mnesis, happy nymph, first on the banks of Hebrus did produce.
In general, surgical practise of various types of neck swellings are encountered.
For swellings (Table 2) three lines A, B and C were added then average reading was calculated for every patient pre-operatively and post-operatively and its mean difference is calculated by subtracting pre-op values from post-op values and different variables were generated for both pain and swelling, further analysis was performed on these variables.
6 A hard swelling or swellings in the last joint of your fingers, sometimes very tender, you're over 50 and a woman.