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Swerve joins a long list of Xyleme SMB customers who leverage Xyleme LCMS to meet their growing needs.
The vocabulary in Swerve occasionally sends you scrambling for the dictionary, but the 50-cent words are blended in with plenty of pop and hip-hop references and a couple of south of-the-belt doozies.
Mumble Swerve is standing at stud with Pam Heasman.
Walpole and Stephen Cooper won one each for Beaumont, while Harland and Wardell won the doubles for Swerve.
A SLEEPY driver forced motorists to swerve out of his way as he veered back and forth across one of the country's most dangerous roads.
LAST Friday it was front-runners, this week it was the turn of wide seeds to get assistance from the Romford track-although it was a benefit that was probably not required by Mumble Swerve, who bolted up in the final of the Phil Isherwood Rose Bowl over 575m.
THE battle for the first division of the Middlesbrough and District Table Tennis League intensified last week when two of the main challengers Ormesby A and Swerve A played a 5-5 draw.
Lee Haswell (left) and Ian Downie who had to swerve to avoid a huge falling tree as they were driving down the London Road in Whitley.
THEY say class always tells in the end and that was certainly the case as Mumble Swerve produced his best effort when it mattered to win the Ladbroke Circuit final at Walthamstow on Saturday, writes Tony Bullen.
Perth Sheriff Court yesterday heard that a police car had to swerve off the road to avoid colliding head-on with his car.