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He swerved and demolished the lamp-post before his van came to a stop sideways on, blocking the Bradley Bar-bound side of the road.
Stephen Somerville was driving his Ford Transit Connect van northbound on the A1, near the Kingston Park turn-off, when he suddenly swerved in front of a car trying to overtake him.
Caroline Newell, who has been an instructor with the school for three years, said: "One of my pupils swerved on to the other side of the road but it's worse when it happens on a dual carriageway.
A RETIRED couple died when their car swerved into the path of a lorry, an inquest heard yesterday.
It looks like the painter swerved to avoid someone walking towards him.
THE Mercedes swerved from left to right, chased by motorbikes, as it sped towards the tunnel, motorist Thierry Hackett told the inquest.
He swerved from the inside lane to the hard shoulder.
Musharbash braked and swerved onto the road's north dirt shoulder, then back across the westbound lane, the CHP said.
Cromer says, "The word 'careened,' meaning swerved, weaved, or lurched, should be used instead of 'careered.
Their investigation discovered a pattern of vehicles first involved with vandalism claims, followed by a claim where the vehicle swerved to miss a hazard, striking two parked cars.
According to the preliminary investigations, the bus causing the accident swerved unexpectedly to the middle lane and hit the second bus which was forced out of lane to hit the third bus," Al Zaidi said.
The Jeep driver then swerved to avoid the back of the Audi but a Renault Megane was coming the other way.