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Sudden swerving accounted for 15 per cent of the causes of road accidents in Abu Dhabi .
Abu Dhabi: Sudden swerving remains a major cause of road deaths in the UAE - and is now a target of a new campaign by authorities.
The force said 24 of the 122 fatalities on the emirate's roads in 2015 have resulted from people swerving into another lane.
This is an increase from the 41 deaths caused by sudden swerving in 2013.
The officer followed the vehicle as it was driving very erratically, weaving side to side and swerving,'' said Capt.
I would urge the public to avoid sudden swerving, which is claiming more lives on roads," he added.
The official said 148 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2013, and of these 41 died due to accidents involving swerving.
There will be a huge campaign that will target motorists and the public and the police will mainly use the social media to raise the awareness of public about the danger of swerving," said Maj Gen Al Zafein.
She is so lucky that she wasn't hit and hurt badly by a car, because all the motorists were swerving around her so they could be on their way,'' said Ross, who is the assistant manager at the vet clinic.
SUNLAND - A motorist who lost control of his car after swerving to avoid a dead dog was hit and killed by another vehicle on the 210 Freeway Saturday, the California Highway Patrol reported.
The sixth car happened to be a deputy who saw the cars swerving and stopped to investigate,'' said Deputy Theresa Dawson.
A motorist who had wrecked his car after swerving recklessly through traffic was taken in for psychiatric evaluation Friday evening after a standoff that closed Palmdale Boulevard for more than hour.