swift execution

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A schooner, yawl, or cutter in charge of a capable man seems to handle herself as if endowed with the power of reasoning and the gift of swift execution.
The head of the Emirates Human Rights Association, Mohammad Salem Al Kaabi, said that the swift execution of justice displays the UAE's firm and unwavering reaction to crimes that undermine its social peace.
The Supreme Leader reiterated that the council should prioritize full and swift execution of decisions and their follow-up until achieving the desired results.
Apart from these gaffes, in a speech last Monday Erdoy-an also promoted his idea of an efficient and decisive presidential system by contrasting it with coalition governments all over Europe that, in his view, cripple the swift execution of decisions.
Joint fires operators work within a complex battlespace that requires rapid coordination and swift execution to ensure mission success, said LeAnn Ridgeway, vice president and general manager of Simulation & Training Solutions for Rockwell Collins.
The successful and swift execution of this transaction demonstrates the agility of our Loan Structuring and Distribution team and underpins Bladex's commitment to support its clients with tailor-made funding solutions.
Enduring and thoughtful design, swift execution using technology and enabling access to home ownership through financial inclusion will be both the enablers and the pillars of success", said Anita Arjundas, Managing Director & CEO, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.
I can tell our fans to expect, as last year, an efficient and swift execution plan.
At the meeting, it was decided to constitute an administration committee or governing body in the first place for swift execution of the proposal.
This can only be prevented with swift execution of policies of complete ethnic equality between Macedonian and Albanians," said De-mush Bajrami.
The brutal killing of the young boy has triggered heated debate on the Internet in recent days, with most arguments in favour of swift execution of the island's death row inmates.