swift rate

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The economy of Pakistan is at a critical stage and with an increasing debt burden and upcoming loan repayments, there is a need for policies that can boost exports at a swift rate.
The government needs to address the regulatory and infrastructure issues so that the SME sector can thrive at a swift rate.
The type 3 segment is expected to grow at a swift rate owing to the low aromatic content and low VOC content of the type 3 products.
e alternative sh beneath the batter isn't just to do with overshing though - apparently the seas around the UK are warming at a swift rate meaning the make-up of our oceans is changing.
Subdued inflation would reportedly allow policymakers to raise rates gradually, with Miles adding that the UK would not see the sharp increases of the late 1970's or 1980's, when the Treasury implemented a series of swift rate hikes in an effort to keep a lid on price increases.
of Vermont), they are still being crafted at a swift rate.
About 80 per cent of Ladakhis relied on glacial melt which today is shrinking at an alarmingly swift rate.
Talks between the clubs are now progressing at a swift rate, with the only real snag holding up the deal the manner in which the payment will be made.
These increases would obviously take a good deal of time to come through, as the last thing the Bank of England and the Government wanted to do is to carry out swift rate rise surprises, which might impact adversely on an already fragile economic recovery.
lt;p>The company, which rose to prominence and fortune on the basis of its highly popular search service, has been expanding out from its core business at an increasingly swift rate -- and in a growing number of directions.
Mr Miller yesterday advised everyone visiting Welsh beaches to beware of the swift rate at which tides advance, particularly during periods such as spring tides.