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(They got swindled. They even tell about this 'foreign government' thing but they only got those from a swindler.)
The Dubai-based businessman, partner Yasmin Ibrahim, 44, and solicitor Miles Cox, 35, allegedly swindled the club out of PS350,000 in upfront payments for backing that didn't materialise.
37 non-banking financial institutions in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) have swindled funds worth over INR380m over a period of ten years.
During such raids, inspector Abdul Sattar arrested one such agent Asim Sikandar from Lahore, who was known to have swindled innocent, unsuspecting citizens of Lahore by Rs 6 million.
Tokyo police on Thursday filed with prosecutors an additional investigative report into fraud by the head of AIJ Investment Advisors Co., Kazuhiko Asakawa, 60, regarding an additional 4.4 billion yen allegedly swindled from five more corporate pension funds.
Eleanor McIntosh claimed she swindled the cash because her new husband refused to contribute to the upbringing of her sons from a previous relationship.
A BENEFIT cheat who swindled pounds 71,000 from the taxpayer was caught working on a building site for nearly nine years - despite claiming he could barely walk.
Dynasty Zarouni's chairman was cleared Sunday on charges that he and Zarouni's owner had swindled investors, the Gulf News reported Monday.
Martine Snowdon, prosecuting, told the court it was originally believed Sewill, of Mostyn Avenue, Old Roan, had swindled up to pounds 26,000.
"A massive number of people, not some, lost to them," said Colonel Maktoum al-Sharifi, the director of the Criminal and Investigative Directorate, without saying how much money the men had swindled.
Summary: DUBAI - The two witnesses, who gave their testimonies on Thursday in the court, confirmed that the Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) was swindled by the accused five businessmen and that it would not have happened without the help and facilities offered by the senior members of the bank staff on trial.
According to the indictment, the four swindled the state out of the funds from March to September in 2000 by padding bills for limousine rentals associated with the G-8 summit.