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I'm swinging the lead, going through the motions, bumping along in first gear.
He wants to be part of the World Cup in 2010 and isn't going to start swinging the lead to jeopardise those hopes.
Of course, I was perfectly aware that they were swinging the lead but it was my word against theirs and who was I to argue?
He insists: "Some people think I am swinging the lead, but I'm desperate to be involved again.
The PM said: "We ask people what's unfair about Britain, they will say what is unfair is I'm working hard, but there are people swinging the lead on welfare, who are not making the effort.
It's not like he is swinging the lead - but it is starting to get frustrating for everyone concerned.
It is not the case of someone who was swinging the lead and was caught out by going on TV.
But to those swinging the lead, you are a disgrace.
EDDIE MAY'S first act as Falkirk manager was to weed out the chancers he saw swinging the lead behind their gaffer's back as Bairns careered towards the drop last season.
ALMATY EXPRESS, who has been swinging the lead of late, was coaxed back to form by Darryll Holland to record his tenth course win in the 5f handicap, the 6-1 shot beating Tyrannosaurus Rex by a length.
Now, I'm not naturally a suspicious bloke, but circumstances have made me think she might be swinging the lead a little.
Investing in employee health schemes and company doctors may be the way forward, but we have to hope that people are being fair with us rather than swinging the lead.