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I have been taken to court and accused of swinging the lead when the truth was the opposite," Punter said.
It drives people mad to know that they are working hard, paying their taxes and yet they can see someone on the same street as them swinging the lead," he said.
SWINGING THE LEAD John Mcphee, 45, right, banked more than pounds 11,000 in disability benefits after claiming he could barely walk a few yards from his Lichfield home without a walking stick.
I'm swinging the lead, going through the motions, bumping along in first gear.
EDDIE MAY'S first act as Falkirk manager was to weed out the chancers he saw swinging the lead behind their gaffer's back as Bairns careered towards the drop last season.
He wants to be part of the World Cup in 2010 and isn't going to start swinging the lead to jeopardise those hopes.
There were between six and seven thousand men in it, and the majority were swinging the lead and would do anything to prevent themselves being marked A1.
PAT STANTON last night insisted Alan Stubbs will weed out any Hibs players still swinging the lead.
There will be some people swinging the lead, but it is like MPs who claim to heat their stables or do their duck pond.
I have come across people swinging the lead and that is a smack in the mouth for the millions who work hard for low pay and see others living off their money.