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"I will swing less with my arm and more with my whole body," he thought, comparing Tit's row, which looked as if it had been cut with a line, with his own unevenly and irregularly lying grass.
Seeing her father, Mary left the swing and went to meet him, pushing back the pink kerchief and smiling afar off at him with the involuntary smile of loving pleasure.
TAXILA -- The Attock district administration has sealed all ill-maintained rides, slides and swings including mechanical, conventional and electrical at various parks and recreation spots including on river banks to avert any untoward incident during Eid days.
MULTAN -- Director General Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Zahid Ikraam Thursday said the department has started inspection of swings in the city to avoid any untoward incident on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr.
If you're playing an important round, notice your tempo during your practice swings and have a beat in your head you would like to reproduce on your actual swing.
"The game needs to find a suitable white ball that swings at the start and must abandon the use of two balls per innings," former captain Atherton wrote in The Times.
The swings at the cantonment public park were installed over three years ago, and the park administration was responsible for their upkeep and maintenance.
One can obtain reverse swing (at nominal speeds) with the rough side facing the batsman and with the seam straight up, one can produce contrast swing this is where the ball swings towards the smooth side as the "experts" keep pointing out".
During an organized team practice in an indoor facility, participants performed five swings at a baseball placed on a batting tee at the height of each participant's waist.
MULTAN -- District administration directed the officials concerned to open all swings, which were temporarily closed in different parks and other locations during Eid days.
LAB TO CON SWINGS IN THE NORTH EAST Bishop Auckland 3.9% Easington 3.6% Houghton & Sund'land S 3.5% Blyth Valley 3.0% Durham North West 2.6% Sunderland Central 2.3% Washington & Sund'land W 2.1% Durham North 2.0% Blaydon 1.8% Wansbeck 1.8% Sedgefield 1.6% Berwick-Upon-Tweed 0.9% Newcastle North 0.6% Gateshead 0.5% CON TO LAB SWINGS IN THE NORTH EAST Newcastle East 7.2% Hexham 3.9% Tynemouth 2.6% Newcastle Central 2.1% Jarrow 0.8% South Shields 0.5% City of Durham 0.3% Tyneside North 0.2%