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Bloomy Pink, folky pink, boreal mauve, mosaic mauve, salsa red, gipsy red, swingy brown and melody brown.
I decided to get out a swingy skirt and court shoes and pose, just like Jenny Logan," she says, "The day I got the winner's phone call I was jumping around all afternoon
When a slim Asian-American woman with a short swingy haircut and a pencil skirt--a look favored by Rhee--exited the building, excited whispers ran through the crowd that the Iron Chancellor was coming to face the protesters down.
But if the laddies who are the target for this sort of thing come for the pictures, they undoubtedly stay for the writing -- a swingy, slangy street vendor stew of Spanish and the indigenous Guarani.
That's the best one, I think,' and so I was despatched to say to Brian, 'Can we just get that sort of swingy sounding track up again, do you think?
came at a time when (bass player) Mike (Hoffman) and I were starting to write some heavier, harder- hitting songs and straying away from the swingy, ska stuff," McCarthy says.
And on a racecourse 20 years later, a few thousand miles east and up a bit, Julia Roberts's big swingy, shiny mane is still a winner.
Duke Ellington's bright music, which ranged from swingy to symphonic, at times overpowered the dance.
Rhodes adapted her style to a younger audience with asymmetrical gingham pouf dresses, swingy pastel boucle jackets and taffeta bubble skirts in paint-stroke prints.
To be a dancer in America in the Thirties and Forties--the decades when Martha Graham was moving earth with her flexed foot, Eugene Loring was playing Cowboys and Indians to Copland, Antony Tudor was pulling G-force expressionism from a classicism in stays, Jerome Robbins was coining character with a jukebox genius for vernacular, and George Balanchine was taking dictation from God (lightning speed, catpaw quiet) and a footnote from Fred Astaire (that swingy, selfless style)--to dance was a vocation.
Fresh Produce offers a popular solution in its short and swingy little fish-print beach dress.