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Holmes picked one out, but it was as hard to read by the flickering fire, and he drew out his little dark lantern, for it was too dangerous, with Milverton in the next room, to switch on the electric light.
shouted another, ceaselessly beating his horse with the switch.
Their shaggy, big-bellied horse, all covered with snow, breathed heavily under the low shaft-bow and, evidently using the last of its strength, vainly endeavoured to escape from the switch, hobbling with its short legs through the deep snow which it threw up under itself.
The shaggy man ran up to the nearest donkey and gave the beast a sharp blow with his switch.
But if you'll take my advice--which I suppose you won't do, although I've brought up ten children and buried two--you'll do that `talking to' you mention with a fair- sized birch switch.
He was therefore seldom unprovided with a small switch, a remedy of wonderful force, as he had often essayed, and which the word villain served as a hint for his applying.
In this case, the switch will allow the two controllers to communicate simultaneously with two disjoint disks in the shelf, resulting in a 90-95% bandwidth dividend if the shelf is full of disks.
Carriers interested in these specific interoperability results can choose the best switch and the best DWDM equipment for particular network needs.
South Australians were keenest to switch in the future 23% saying they would consider switching in the next 6 months, with the higher the bill being paid, the higher the likelihood of a customer to consider switching.
While all of the servers, hubs, and storage subsystems are based on the widely supported Fibre Channel protocol known as FC-AL, the early switch products are based on a newer protocol called "Fabric" and are positioned more for SAN backbone applications and less for storage consolidation applications.
3Com Corporation today announced that in an independent performance test conducted by The Tolly Group, one of the most influential testing validation firms in North America, the 3Com(R) Switch 5500G-EI proved to be a superior alternative to the Cisco Catalyst 3750G-48TS switch for enterprise-class switching capabilities.
Private loop is a loop designed to run without a switch and any switch's associated fabric services.