switch around

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5% will switch around PS200million from the pension industry's coffers into workers' retirement pots.
BOLD MOVE Z The Twingo g has added practicality p y with its engine g switch around
He is named as the openside, although he and Alasdair Strokosch, his back-row colleague, will switch around during the game.
Mushir looked to have plenty on his plate trapped on the rails in last place at halfway, but Dane O'Neill took the brave move to switch around the whole field, beating No Leaf Clover by a head.
My nose performs it's own half-time switch around and I'm too busy digging out the jar of vapour rub to notice.
The dad-of-one, who did not want to be named, said: "You just don't know if somebody's flipped a switch around here and decided to start going for animals.
Laverne and her producer switch around songs at the last minute to ensure a balanced show, discuss upcoming events and answer emails, texts and Twitter messages - a platform on which she's particularly active - from fans.
ENGLAND v WALES BBC1, 4pm BEFORE a ball was kicked in this year's Six Nations Wales were three-point underdogs for today's clash at Twickenham but it's taken just two games for the handicap to switch around entirely, writes Graham Woods.
Organisers say they've had so many requests to switch around the rooms that it will be making the room swap a regular monthly event.
We intrepid logologists love to switch around letters within words--adjacent letters (UNITED UNTIED), separated letters (CONVERSATION CONSERVATION), and initial and terminal letters (LATCHES SATCHEL).
The House version of the map would also switch around some precincts in Tarrant and Denton Counties, changes that Veasey said would help shore up the re-election prospects of U.
However despite the switch around it still left very little impact on Labour's strong grip of the area.