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One important aspect about the topology of a backbone network is its survivability, which is the ability to continue in operation after failures of some of its switch sites and links.
By combining DukeNet's interLATA/interstate fiber optic network with its metro fiber network, customers can purchase a bundled service from their switch site to various local telephone company end offices in North Carolina and South Carolina.
One comprises a switch site, communications center, and offices at 101 Hudson Street in Jersey City, New Jersey, which was completed in three months.
QoVox's Active Voice Quality Test System supports up to four types of test interfaces to keep costs down with maximum flexibility, and can be placed at switch sites, gateway sites or customer locations.
Collocation Solutions provides unbundled services in a carrier neutral environment with branded spaces engineered and constructed to the same high standards as large data center applications or switch sites.
Covista currently owns and operates switches in New York City, Newark, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Dallas, and previously has announced plans to expand to additional switch sites in Las Vegas, Chicago and Chattanooga, Tennessee.
and New York Internet switch sites -- to support its Internet video and audio products that consumers can download from the Pixelon Web site (www.
As a leading reseller of Marconi's DC power solutions, we recognized Somera's strong relationships in this customer base were a natural fit in providing a one-stop power solution that will fully support the network maintenance and upgrades needs for cell and switch sites.
STAR's North American network expansion will utilize Nortel Networks' DMS-250 and DMS-250/300 switching systems for switch sites in Atlanta and Seattle, as well as additional switches in Los Angeles and Dallas.