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One important aspect about the topology of a backbone network is its survivability, which is the ability to continue in operation after failures of some of its switch sites and links.
A switch site and office was launched in Cairns recently, complementing switch sites in Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton.
Highland coach Martin Prince said he made the request to switch sites and expects an answer today.
He has managed a diverse portfolio of projects ranging in value from $5 million to $120 million, including web hosting data centers, telco switch sites, co-location facilities, and POP sites.
The communications center serves as the nerve center from which MFS monitors and remotely controls its fiber optics network and switch sites.
PI offer fully integrated, comprehensive professional services for data centers, broadcast facilities and studios, classified facilities, telecommunications switch sites, call centers, and command and control centers.
Veramark will also continue to provide daily reporting information on the insurance company's 55,000 extensions across 100 locations over Cisco and Avaya switch sites, which are then imported into the company's general ledger system to allocate costs back to the appropriate departments and cost centers.