switched off

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Citizen TV was the first to be switched off at around 10am followed by NTV.
But the Birmingham Mail revealed in 2014 that speeding convictions had, in fact, halved when the cameras were switched off.
Researchers from KU Leuven and the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology have now shown that some memories can also be erased when one particular gene is switched off.
We are now having a real drive in school to ensure that lights are switched off in empty rooms.
At 8:30 pm on Saturday March 28, the Sindh Assembly Building, CM House, Governor House, Sindh High Court, the Quaid's Mazar and Karachi airport switched off lights for 60 minutes to mark Earth Hour, an event designed to create world-wide awareness of climate change.
As usual the debate over whether her life support could - or should - have been switched off exposed intolerance on both sides.
Thousands are being replaced with bulbs that turn dimmer during the early hours, while others are being switched off to save energy.
A further 48 lights in Kenilworth Road - heading out towards Kenilworth from the A45 - will also be switched off.
Last year, he said, over 7,000 cities, towns, and provinces in 154 countries switched off their lights for one hour to highlight awareness about global climate change.
STREETLIGHTS that had been switched off in Wirral as part of council cuts will now be left on after police objections.
Saint Mark's Square in the heart of Venice switched off its illumination, using only candles to light the area including tables at local restaurants.
TV channels would be switched off to enforce digitisation