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The (http://tech.ifeng.com/a/20170929/44703486_0.shtml) first report about a swollen iPhone 8 battery was recorded in Taiwan.
IF swollen ankles are more long-term than just the result of warmer weather or flying, it's worth going to your GP to check if it's not anything more serious.
A total of 241 consecutive patients presenting with painful swollen lower limb from 23 to 85 years of age of both sexes referred to Department of Radiology for ultrasound were included in the study.
The sides of the neck/throat area is perhaps most commonly where people notice their glands swelling, but it's also common to spot swollen lymph glands in the armpits and groin.
(9) The edema of the upper airway is thought to be caused by local inflammation and circulatory disturbance of the lymphatic flow (e.g., lymphatic obstruction caused by the swollen parotid or submandibular glands).
In the two-stage swelling procedure used in this study the kerogen sample (up to 0.25 g in the test tube) was first swollen to equilibrium in one solvent.
Q I've often wondered what swollen glands actually mean.
This type of cross-linked polymer swollen state hydrogels is called "gel." Due to their hydrophilic properties hydrogels can absorb significant amounts of water and are characterized as their nonsolubility properties.
The consultant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital said: "You're dealing with a swollen brain, and often the brain bleeds quite easily.
Swollen lymph node is an indication of an infection in the body.
* One calf or thigh is more swollen than the other.
There can also be swollen lips, ears, nose and puffy swellings under his tail.