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I conclude that I am alone, that I am weak, that my father is lying in a swoon, that the dog is muzzled, and that consequently there is nothing to prevent your making your escape.
But it might have been long; for I knew there were demons who took note of my swoon, and who could have arrested the vibration at pleasure.
GEOMETRIC RUGS Pyramid wool rug, PS56, Dunelm Traditional Kilim rug, from PS100, Next Cubist blue and rug, PS199, Swoon WHERE TO BUY: amara.
Swoon Reads celebrated their third birthday by growing bigger and stronger.
These days, snogging Simon Gregson is all in a day's work for Kym Marsh, but she has confessed that when she was a girl she used to swoon over the Street star.
WOMEN queued at Madame Tussauds in London yesterday to swoon over a waxwork figure of American movie idol Ryan Gosling.
Macmillan Children's Publishing Group announced on Friday that A Little Something Different by debut author Sandy Hall, the first acquisition from its crowdsourced teen romance imprint and online community Swoon Reads, will be released in print and ebook formats on 26 August 2014.
His utter brilliance made Victorians swoon, but he seemed incapable of swooning back.
You might know it as the Spring Swoon, a yearly event during which the stock markets and economy plunge.
Akinfe Fatou's new poetry collection, Swoon, presents tangible physicality, organic sensuality and multilayered intimacy intended to arouse and to empower.
She actually says she loves the girls that swoon all over her man.
Latest research from Swoon shows that Brits are happy to have a simple, spontaneous proposal in the comfort of their own home but when given the option to turn back time, less than one in three thought that their proposal was perfect.