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Yeah, yeah, yeah,' I answered, a smidgen less swooningly.
Brides may also recognise it as the swooningly romantic "mini-break" destination from the first Bridget Jones film, so where better to end your days as a singleton and join the ranks of the loving couples?
The mock-romantic insurgent Don Juan of Byron's satirical epic poem; Shaw's weary and erudite Don Juan, matching wits with the Devil (and the ideas of Nietszche) in the Don Juan in Hell dream sequence of the play Man and Superman; the swooningly aesthetic Don Juan of John Barrymore in the classic 1926 silent film of the story--all of these recreants clutter up a vault in the great image bank the global culture draws on and makes deposits to.
Swooningly, the Doc said: "Many thought they'd never see the likes of Ian Rush again.
LOVED The outdoor swimming pool with its designer beach loungers and swooningly beautiful views over the valley.