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Yeah, yeah, yeah,' I answered, a smidgen less swooningly.
Brides may also recognise it as the swooningly romantic "mini-break" destination from the first Bridget Jones film, so where better to end your days as a singleton and join the ranks of the loving couples?
The mock-romantic insurgent Don Juan of Byron's satirical epic poem; Shaw's weary and erudite Don Juan, matching wits with the Devil (and the ideas of Nietszche) in the Don Juan in Hell dream sequence of the play Man and Superman; the swooningly aesthetic Don Juan of John Barrymore in the classic 1926 silent film of the story--all of these recreants clutter up a vault in the great image bank the global culture draws on and makes deposits to.
Swooningly, the Doc said: "Many thought they'd never see the likes of Ian Rush again.
LOVED The outdoor swimming pool with its designer beach loungers and swooningly beautiful views over the valley.
Lost" star Naveen Andrews looked oh-so-British in a white linen suit, and Adrian Paul, who will always be the "Highlander" no matter what other characters he plays, just looked swooningly good.