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The Swopper cutter series is produced in 5 different sizes from 80 through to 550 litres and is available with a range of options including vacuum systems, cooking bowls and varying degrees of automation and processing controls.
Two water features worth pounds 499 each; Four lawn mowers worth pounds 260 each; Garden makeover worth pounds 1,000; Three gas barbecues worth pounds 299 each; Range oven worth pounds 1,100; Two Swopper chairs worth pounds 530 each; Luxury shower worth pounds 2,000; Five washing machines worth pounds 300 each; Two double beds worth pounds 529 each; Four Freesats, installation & 24 beers worth pounds 392 each; Family books worth pounds 1,000; pounds 1,000 to carpet your home
Viewers will also be able to see how fellow wife swopper, stay-at-home mum Sally, got on in Liverpool with activities including a trip to the MaritimeMuseum.