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I swore off uniforms but not before a bus driver drove me to heaven with
I swore off palm trees the first year I was back in Sarasota, in 2003.
And, twice, it shook me so badly I almost swore off dating.
Claire, who famously ended up bedridden with a kidney infection after going on the no-carb Atkins diet, swore off crash diets and, while playing the demanding role of Roxie Hart in West End musical Chicago, found she could eat what she liked.
Speaking of Russel Quan, Estrus came through with the goods this month, releasing Death by Unga Bunga, a CD compilation of rare singles (and the Mummies, while together, swore off CDs) that you no longer have to pay ridiculously top-dollar collector nerd prices for.
I angrily swore off HGTV and the cheap fantasy it peddled, and sheepishly sought out my copy of Home Buying for Dummies.