sworn enemy

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"Come," he said, "you can have no sympathy with Reginald Brott, the sworn enemy of our class, a Socialist, a demagogue who would parcel out our lands in allotments, a man who has pledged himself to nothing more nor less than a revolution."
She regarded every servant who approached her, as her sworn enemy, expressly intending to offer her affronts with the dishes, and to pour forth outrages on her moral feelings from the decanters.
"I won't," said Tom, flushing up to his hair, and lumping them all in his mind with his sworn enemy.
Star Trek Beyond Film4, 9pm Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise end up marooned on a distant planet after being attacked by Krall (Idris Elba, left), a warlord and sworn enemy of the Federation.
Creepy widower Rev Osborne Whitworth is determined to snare Morwenna as wife number two, and Demelza Poldark warns her brother Drake to steer clear of the cousin of her sworn enemy Elizabeth Warleggan.
As Netflix has revealed the lineup of their 2017 shows, one show in particular should catch the attention of gamers everywhere - it involves a very famous vampire and the family of vampire hunters that is its sworn enemy.
Justices began their session discussing whether procedures established for Sunday's impeachment vote by Speaker Eduardo Cunha, Rousseff's sworn enemy, were valid.
Since Allah commits the babies of all nations to our loving care, Isis are the deliberate, sworn enemy of Allah, because they particularly delight in random slaughter, of Muslim, Jew, Buddhist and Hindu of all ages.
She encounters a fugitive Boov named Oh (Jim Parsons), who has accidentally emailed a party invitation to everyone in the galaxy, including the Boov's sworn enemy, the Gorg.
As she tries to avoid being paired with Gross-Out Gavin for a school trip and competes with sworn enemy, Zuzanna, for the friendship of new girl, Chloe, there are several laugh-out-loud moments.
It is the sworn enemy of honesty, truth, integrity, justice, fairness, common sense and free speech.
IT'S A BOY GIRL THING BBC1, 11.50pm A supernatural accident involving an Aztec statue causes a high-school girl and the boy next door - a popular quarterback who is also her sworn enemy - to swap bodies.