sworn statement

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Ms Napoles should execute a sworn statement - a statement under oath - so that she would be credible.
LAHORE: Police took a woman, who married without her family's consent, in their protective custody on Friday after her immediate family tried to forcefully take her with them from a sessions court, after the womanAccording to reports, Muqaddas Bibi appeared before the court and gave her sworn statement under Section 164 stating that she married of her free will and choice, and wants to live with her husband.
Though the preliminary investigation had been submitted for resolution last November 16, Assistant Prosecutor Attorney II Wendell Bendoval, a member of panel of prosecutors handling the case, explained the case had to be re-opened to give way for the sworn statement of Ventura.
Assistant Prosecutor Attorney II Wendell Bendoval, a member of the panel of prosecutors handling the case, said the investigation has to be reopened following the submission of the sworn statement of state witness and Aegis Juris fratman Mark Ventura.
A Proof of Loss form is a sworn statement made by the policyholder that substantiates the insurance claim.
He has volunteered to submit a sworn statement identifying his top level protectors, including his operations in central Philippines," said Aguirre, adding, "He appears to be the least guilty in the illegal drug trade in central Philippines.
However, a woman close to Michael's first wife mentioned in a sworn statement that she saw Michael physically torturing his wife back in 1997.
Through her son-in-law's genealogical research, she learned of Department of Defense (DOD) documents that showed her grandfather repeatedly asking DOD about his Civil War pension; her grandfather had even made a sworn statement to a U.
completion of all information required by a form affidavit, sworn statement or declaration is complete at time of execution;
Six suspects who allegedly assaulted and kidnapped a 35-year-old Marcola man over three days earlier this month did so because some of them thought he had stolen marijuana they had been growing along the Marcola River, according to a detective's sworn statement made to obtain arrest warrants in the case.
The municipality requires a residency permit, a document certifying celibacy or otherwise, a passport and a sworn statement.
A sworn statement submitted by Jackson's alleged former manager, Leonard Rowe, claimed the superstar's mum Katherine acted as his agent and handed over cash to Joe to help cover his living expenses.