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Few lifted their heads as the Chief Sycophant, game to the last, attempted to raise spirits by leading traditional chants of "winners, winners, winners
McMaster paints a devastating portrait of Robert McNamara as a sycophant resolved to give only the advice he knew LBJ wanted to hear, even though he was aware the strategy would ultimately fail.
He dismissed Ed Llewellyn, the Prime Minister's chief of staff, as a "classic third-rate suck-up-kickdown sycophant presiding over a shambolic court".
IN an effort to get even further up his backside, the sycophant executives at Gillette have given David Beckham a diamond-encrusted razor worth pounds 25,000.
He quotes me as saying I had nothing better to do than taking drugs and being a sycophant," she said.
If the grovelling Parky, who in the presence of the Beckhams behaves like a fawning sycophant, challenges them in the same way he challenged Posh about her fake balloon boobs then be prepared for the kind of PR whitewash we have come to expect from the manipulative Posh.
Still, at least we can finally work out who's who in Tory Sycophant and Dec.
This is the man who had the loathsome Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen as his star guest last week and who these days appears to be a celebrity sycophant rather than the hard-hitting interviewer he once was.
The age-old practice of some highly- paid obsequious sycophant, with one eye on the honours list, naming it after a dysfunctional royal, is now out- dated.
The last thing on his mind is the appalling state that this country is in due to him and his sycophant cabinet who are all feathering their nests as quickly as they can to ensure they retire with large pensions.
Where was he, his fellow cronies and sycophant ``Welsh'' people when successive Tory Welsh Secretaries returned millions uponmillions of pounds to London?
He is surrounded by three friends who are equally pathetic - business partner Mickey (Kevin Spacey), hardman Phil (Chazz Palminteri) and sycophant par- excellence Artie (Garry Shandling).