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I have always thought Baffour to be a bit of a sycophant of the president of Zimbabwe.
The word "toady" - a sycophant - was once the name given a magician's assistant who ate toads as part of the show.
Philippic Against Antonio Panormita and Apology Against a Certain Archdeacon and his Loathsome Sycophant Accomplices are presented on facing pages of Latin and English.
Call me a Rand sycophant or zealot, but I think reason could have done a lot better in honoring Rand's 100th birthday than the article by Cathy Young.
Far from being a power-hungry sycophant, Feros portrays the often vilified Duke of Lerma as a political innovator who formulated new justifications for the role of the royal favorite and constructed new structures for the administration of Spanish government in order to enhance royal authority.
Tom Courtenay was honored that same year for portraying master thespian Albert Finney's backstage sycophant in The Dresser.
Among them: litigation-based medicine (when the only bad test is the one you didn't order), eloquence-based medicine (when the sartorial splendor of a silk-suited sycophant substitutes for substance), and providence-based medicine (just let God decide).
On the one hand, Shahi Imam has mortgaged his faith with the Congress for a meagre benefit, and on the other hand, Omar is acting as sycophant for the Congress to come again into the power in J& K," Geelani said.
He has been exposed as a fly-by-night, a Bob Crow sycophant, in it for himself.
As he threw the eggs, Johnson shouted: "He's a sycophant, he's a greedy leech, he's a parasite on this city.
From what I know about Mr Horton, he is a man of integrity, does not appear to have racial or communal prejudices, nor is he a sycophant or a man who likes to hog the limelight by coddling with celebrities and other VIPs.
Sky sycophant Jim will be interested in Akwa's next home game - they take on Rangers International FC.