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RE: Mr R Cooper's letter of July 27, the reason a royal baby produces nationwide sycophantic adoration is mainly due to most of the media's coverage.
The reward for killjoy of the week, however, must go to a little-known website called Born Equal, which has urged its supporters to be on the watch for any hint of the BBC celebrating, rather than reporting on, the royal birth It says: "We want your examples of the most cringeworthy, tasteless and sycophantic royal babyrelated programming across the BBC.
Most of it will be dull and all of it will be unquestioning and sycophantic.
There is one logical way out: Srinivasan and his sycophantic office bearers must step down and the administrative structure should be dismantled and subjected to an overhaul.
JESSIE J Such a talented girl whose reputation is being tarnished by predictable, cringing and sycophantic babble about talentless contestants in the Voice.
You just have to take some of the foreign press and some of the most sycophantic examples of local 'journalism' and meet somewhere in the middle to get an idea of what it must be like for the labourers and working class who toil here.
Tina Simmons Tina, you should know by now it's the media's job to be sycophantic.
When he said he'd work for nothing there was an inclination to tell McGlynn not to be so sycophantic after almost knocking Liverpool out of Europe.
Rather than taking BT's word for it perhaps Darren Millar's time would be better spent calling for an investigation into BT's claims, but there again knowing the sycophantic relationship between the Welsh Government and BT that is unlikely to happen.
Shortly before the first round of the October 23 elections in Bulgaria, Bivol asked the presidential candidates the same question: "If you become president are you going to fire the sycophantic Kirov?
One of the many challenges for self-publishers like this one seems to be attracting competent editors / advisers rather than relying on the gushing comments of a few sycophantic friends, family and colleagues.
Moreover, the relational motive was correlated positively with perceived instructor social and physical attractiveness; the functional motive was correlated positively with perceived instructor task and social attractiveness; the participatory motive was correlated positively with perceived instructor task, social, and physical attractiveness; and the sycophantic motive was correlated positively with perceived instructor social and physical attractiveness.