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For example, Palissot sycophantically praises Voltaire throughout the summer of 1760 and even goes so far as to send him a personal copy of Les Philosophes and publish his correspondence with the great "Patriarch of Ferney."
Enthusiastically supporting Joe Anderson flying around the world with a Tory minister, akin to a turkey huddling up to his butcher, now Lord Heseltine is sycophantically described by your reporter as a "Champion" of Liverpool for the dubious gesture of kicking in a million quid into a lottery for small businesses to compete for a pounds 5,000 share (ECHO 25/5/12).
The scene is set in the offices of the giant Lockhart corporation, where the Chief is laying out a challenge for the aspirant junior executives who hang eagerly, even sycophantically, on his every word.
"Mr and Mrs Bennett is it, sir?" he enquired sycophantically. "We are expecting you, sir.
Probably through some connection with the Dukes of Burgundy, who ruled most of the Netherlands at that time, Mabuse had drawn the attention of Philip, one of the many illegitimate children of Duke Philip (sycophantically called 'the Good') to his paintings.
Omari Constant, the president of the DRCongo Federation--who was the only national FA president to rise to the podium--sang the praises, sycophantically, of CAF president Issa Hayatou, rather than discuss the burning issues that really matter.
The Law Commission is the body responsible for validating or removing such quaint pieces of legislation and will also be adjudicating on whether reoffenders in the Wigan area can appeal against being handed 'season ticket orders' for the DW Stadium or if journalists should be hung, drawn and quartered if they fail to laugh sycophantically and look doe-eyed at selected moments during Jose Mourinho press conferences.
Biskind seems sycophantically determined to convince readers that Beatty is "one of the foremost filmmakers of his generation." Star may have regaled British critics, but their American counterparts, though entertained, remained for the most part unimpressed.
Unwilling to see the suffering around her, she walks on while Duma in white face and white suit echoing Fanon's powerful postcolonial "black skin, white masks" (1986), offers us an image of a new order of elites whose allegiance to power has him sycophantically arranging the loaves of bread trailing after this Marie Antoinette.
After all, he had obliged her, against her own instincts, to send a copy of Emma to the Countess Morley, whose husband he was cultivating, involving her in an insincere follow-up correspondence that was undoubtedly uncongenial to her; as early as 1795, he was writing sycophantically to Warren Hastings (Papers 153); and his bank had crashed partly because in his eagerness to ingratiate himself with the aristocracy, he had offered a loan of 26,000 [pounds sterling] without proper surety to Earl Moira, who had defrauded him by scampering abroad.
There were no British or American equivalents in the Allied camp of Germany's lickspittle Generals Keitel and Jodl, sycophantically obeying whatever orders were handed down from the Fuhrer.
Apart from the formal pardon at the end, which could be seen as a mere pretext for the play, the great hero Alexander (with whom the new king, Louis XIV, was being sycophantically identified) is much occupied in declaring his love for Taxile's sister Cleophile, in language that could come straight from the salon: