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It may give a competitive advantage for personal growth of a few individuals, but it will accentuate a false sense of achievement and success, engendering a dysfunctional culture of unfair incentivising of the sycophant and demotivating the rest of the team members.
Human rights lawyer and activist Neri Colmenares, who was also endorsed by PCM as well as incumbent Senator Grace Poe, said the administration of Duterte is "full of sycophants."
Another PCM endorsee, Makabayan senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares, for his part, warned the 'sycophants' who blindly follow Duterte's wishes.
The former Foreign Secretary's rambling address to sycophants was very big on bluster and small on detail.
Sycophants are simply rational actors who recognise that sucking up to the boss offers greater benefit than objective critique in cultures with weak integrity and an absence of meritocracy.
Carlo Isagani Zarate (Bayan Muna Paty-list) said the bounty on four former solons was a 'cheap political stunt and vendetta by sycophants who wants to claw their way to power.'
Strangely, this behavior does not seem to matter to his sycophants in the conservative media and judging from the silence, most religious leaders on the right.
After 'purchasing' each award they throw a party to all sycophants and unemployed partygoers in a cheap hotel.
However, it is quite true that the nominations are often used to reward party leaders' cronies or sycophants. This is how semi-literate people who cannot make any meaningful contributions on the floor of the House end up there and to just collect hefty salaries and allowances.
UTV Isn't it bad enough that our taxes are taken to feather the expensive, cosy nests of these ridiculous Royals without having to put up with their sycophants bleeding dry as well?
Close observation of the Egyptian media gives the impression that Egypt is a nation constituted mainly of hypocrites and sycophants. That this segment of society often occupies most mid and upper-level government positions, and that they dominate the Egyptian media, appears to endorse the argument that hypocrites and sycophants are the true natives of our nation - whereas all the other "authentic citizens" are newcomers.
When we read the history of the downfall of great empires and dictators, we find a very significant role of sycophants and their influence on the rulers.