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He appoints sycophants to senior and strategic positions within the club.
Unfortunately, egotists become so addicted they fail to see the connection between their domineering management style and the growth of sycophants.
It is this momentous occurrence that has caused sociologists and sycophants alike to ponder the messianic implications.
My experience has been that chaplains for the most part are vigorous sycophants for war, to a degree even embarrassing to some of our most war-advocatIng corporate generals.
He's no more incompetent than the rest of the sycophants he surrounds himself with.
The former Radio 1 DJ joked: "Thank you for all the people who genuinely applauded what I've been doing on the air, the sycophants.
FORMER Westlifer Brian McFadden revealed this week that when he gave up singing in the chart-topping group he got rid of the sycophants that went with it.
What we need are leaders who will stand up for Liverpool and Merseyside, not sycophants who capitulate in the face of Government pre-election sweeteners elsewhere.
At the same time, they see their generation misled, and that those who do seize success for their own are the ones who embody the opposite of the American dream--the liars, the lazy, the sycophants, the unjust.
Of course, his sycophants will point to his Italian temperament or say that he is good for racing, but that is nonsense.
It's visible, for example, In the footage of Saddam wielding a great sword with a single hand as his Ba'athist sycophants applaud stupidly.
Too many times, unionists are cast as ignorant sheep dominated by Mafia sycophants who are out to screw God and country.