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A headnote; a short note preceding the text of a reported case that briefly summarizes the rulings of the court on the points decided in the case.

The syllabus appears before the text of the opinion. The syllabus generally is not part of the opinion of the court but is prepared by a legal editor employed by a private law book company that publishes court decisions to serve as a quick reference for a researcher. Some courts prepare the syllabus for their own decisions, but in many states the syllabus has no legal effect. Ohio is one exception, however, where the court-prepared syllabus is part of the decision and is considered a statement of the law. In most states, only the opinion of the court containing the original statement of the grounds for the opinion may be used in legal papers in a lawsuit to convince a court or jury of a particular point of law.


Court Opinion.

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On the issue of the history syllabus, Singh said it was the Akalis who were solely responsible for distortions and mistakes in school history books during their regime in 2014, when the Human Resources Ministry of BJP led NDA Government took the first step to 'rationalize' the syllabus of social sciences subjects in the name of 'nationalistic' approach.
"It was deliberated at length whether such a major decision should be taken midway during an academic year ( up to Class 8) and consensus emerged that since the decision is about reduction in the syllabus, it is the correct time to do it", he said.
The mapping of competences and syllabus was deemed complete and signed off only when both teams were certain that CIMA understood the meaning of the competences in the manner in which Shell intended them to be understood.
Shujaat said at the time of passing 18th Amendment, expressing serious reservations on this issue, he had said that by transferring responsibility of making academic syllabus to the provinces unbearable losses could surface on the national future and matters could go out of control.
'Syllabus of traditional schooling system also needs to be reviewed and subjects like Fiqa, Arabic and Islamic studies for Muslim students should be mandatory to have proper and deep understanding of the religion,' he added.
Completion of the syllabus is not the kind of conversation parents need from the school administration.
Qaiser further said, 'Incorrect reports are being circulated regarding the syllabus of madrassahs.'
HYDERABAD -- The management of Sindh Textbook Board (STB) has failed to complete the process of syllabus distribution in the schools despite the passage of 16 days of the start of new academic year.
Also, the inclusion of two members belonging to religious minorities was suggested in a separate amendment bill so they could contribute to syllabus building and course content development.
With Union Health Minister JP Nadda confirming the NEET rollout, states may choose to upgrade their class 12 science syllabus in tandem with next year's NEET syllabus.
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